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International Logistics Solutions Industry includes all activities of the supply chain such as transportation, customer service, inventory management, flow of information and order processing. Other activities of the supply chain are warehousing, material handling, purchasing, packaging, information dissemination and maintenance among others.

ILS offers a high level of expertise to handle the specific and potentially dangerous products linked to the fragrances & flavors industry. Thanks to a dedicated experts team with solid experience & references, the company provides innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions to optimize flows upstream (raw materials) and downstream (finished goods) in a logic of time to market, and in full compliance with industry standards and QHSE policies.

ILS takes pride in offering unique and customized time- and mission-critical logistics and supply chain solutions to a variety of industries all over the globe. If your industry is not listed below, please contact us to speak with a service professional about how we might be able to best serve you.

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Retail Warehousing ILS has been the provider of warehousing for business for five years. During this period a great partnership has developed to provide an excellent service to our customers which has helped Character World become a market leader. ILS has continually adapted to a changing and time sensitive market place delivering a high standard of service while offering a variety of value added services to improve our customers experience.

Meshal Alshummeri


As a pharma company our procurement processes are proficient and lean, ILS registered with us as a supplier and challenged the pharma distribution rates with some unique offers we have trialled the service with them and the results are quiet positive, you can clearly see the passion of supply chain in the team.

Walid Alshemi


We have used ILS to source linehaul for challenging export lanes such as Qatar and Oman for our premium and time sensitive products, pleasantly surprised by the one stop shop digital nature of this platform gave us nearly 15% cost savings compared to our current suppliers with improvement in speed of delivery we now have awarded linehaul procurement of export lanes to ILS.

Mohamed AlKhaldi


We were introduced to ILS by industry experts to arrange customs and final mile delivery into GCC they swiftly worked on our requirements and provided highly competitive customs clearance and final mile delivery rates with range of delivery providers , after a successful 30 days trail we now ship over 25 mil items per year to ILS from china for final mile deliveries.

Othman Alghamdi